Reflections as a Member of a Learning Community

I’ve been asked to reflect on my experiences as a member of a learning community. Working in education and sitting in our beginning of the year convocation our superintendent asked us to create a twitter account. I’m sitting there like why do we have to do this. With all the new changes and things we are already required to do why add something more on our plate. But being the team player that I am I obliged the directive. I must say that it has opened a door to technology that I did not know was at my fingertips.

The first step was to actually create a twitter account. I thought that it would be hard to do but it is actually easy as pie. I made sure that I had my neice on standby to help me with any roadblocks that my occur but it was easy. Being that this would be something my peers would look at I made sure my profile picture looked professional. I sat and thought about what should my bio consist of. Being that I was rushing and didn’t really want to put too much out there in the world wide web I made my bio short and to the point. I also made sure my bio was simple: “what you see is what you get”. And my twitter page was created. Feel free to follow me on twitter at Tyna Williams

The second step was finding people to follow on twitter. My first thought was like who do I need to follow or who do I want to follow. Then I said oh let me find my coworkers. So I started following fellow educators within my school district. I followed them and they followed me.  It’s amazing how you have so much in common with people who you work with in the same district but because you work in different schools you don’t get a chance to interact and twitter made that possible for me.

The third step was to actually follow and become a member of learning communities. I found several communities that I became a member of and  follow.

  • The first community was Beaumont Independent School District. I joined this community to keep up to date with events, and news happening within my district. Follow them at Beaumont Independent School District Beaumont ISD
  • My second learning community I joined was EdSurge. EdSurge provides learning strategies, tips, podcasts and other valuable information related to technology.  I choose to follow them because they have input from students and educators. Follow them at EdSurge. Check out this informative piece titled  When Tech Meets Project-Based LearningWhen Tech Meets Project-Based Learning
  • My favorite learning community is Edutopia. Edutopia is an organization that tries to improve public schools with resources and give them tools/solutions for their administrations, teachers and parents. Edutopia has learning practices that have been tested and approved and it also pushes for integration of technology in the classroom. It also gives students learning techniques and experiences they like. Follow them at Edutopia
  • Another twitter community that I joined is ISTE Connect. ISTE Connect is a worldwide learning community. ISTE  work together to support educators, students and leaders with clear guidelines for the skills and knowledge necessary to move away from the factory model. They provide a framework for rethinking education, adapting to a constantly changing technological landscape and preparing students to enter an increasingly global economy. Follow them at ISTE Connect

There are still a lot of things that I need to learn being part of PLN (professional Learning community) but trust me I am still in the beginning stages and I will learn what I can and maybe start my own community. I can say that being apart of these communities I have joined I have received valuable resources, networking buddies, and professional tips that I can use. So my advice would be step out and join a professional learning community. You would be surprised at what you will give as well as receive.


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