My Digital Story


The Why:

In this blog I my main purpose is to tell a story, persuade, and talk to my professional peers. How can I be professional yet personal at the same time?  I was asked by my professor to create a digital story narrative that included a personal moment at least that was my take on the assignment. So my plan talks about blended learning and implementing the station rotation model. Working through all the thoughts in my head I had to think about how can I show from personal stand point the importance of taking a chance in order to reach a goal or make learning accessible.

I went back to when I decided to return to college in 2012. Hopefully my audience will see how mixing online, face to face, and technology all together is engaging for students.

The What:

My Digital Story


The How:

The first step in creating my digital story was to put the narrative into writing. To me that was pretty easy. The hard work was putting all these thoughts in my brain on paper and choosing the right words and then when I record it to use the right tone. When I recorded my narrative I used Samsung recorder on my phone and emailed it to myself and put it in the PowerPoint. Below you can see my script but remember when I actually recorded the script may differ because I ad lib:

My Digital Story Script

I was at a standstill. I just couldn’t decide which way to go. Due to personal reasons I had to quit college way back in 1998. I always wanted my degree but how could I do that now as a full time working adult. After doing my research I found an alternative right here in my own back yard at Lamar university. I could go on campus, go to class online, and work full time. Believe me my first day I was nervous.  I was the older student and I wondered if I would remember what I learned in college way back when.  But in the end I walked out a college graduate of Lamar university in 2014. I was able to have a traditional class setting, an online setting, wrapped up all in one. And I could work full time.  So the question is why not blend face to face instruction with online instruction for our students today. We all know that students don’t learn the same way. But why choose to stick to the same traditional methods of instructions cause that can get really boring. We all can see how much today’s students are literally hooked on technology. We see how excited they get by literally touching an iPad, computer or even their cell phone.  They are practically a match made in heaven. So why not use that same technology to help students learn in today’s education world. We have the opportunity to enhance our students learning environments. We can get them ready for the future so let’s simply just do it.

The second step was to gather my pictures and create my PowerPoint. I created my PowerPoint and then I inserted my recording of the script.

My last and final step was to upload my PowerPoint to YouTube.


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