Aligning Outcomes, Assessment and Activities

As part of my assignment I had to create a 3 column table. You can view my table below.

Learning Goals Learning Activities Assessment Activities

Students will identify and familiarize themselves with the use of technology devices they will use to create their presentations/projects.

Students will do blended learning via station rotations.

At some centers, struggling students will strengthen their content knowledge by working with a teacher or using an Internet site tailored to instructional videos. Other stations have students work individually on an interactive learning program, in small groups on enrichment projects, or receive peer tutoring.

Peer discussions and students will create and present their presentation/project.

Students will study the foundational skills necessary to personalize their learning and apply those skills when creating different types of multi-medias.

View other students’ projects and review visuals used for enhancements. Interpretation, role playing, group discussions



Students will collaborate, develop and produce presentations using digital media.

Work in small groups to create a digital project. Reflection, Discussion and

peer observations

Human Dimensions:

Students will look at and select personal experiences or ideas that will them develop and create their presentation/project.

Analyze and push students to take ownership of their presentation/project. Reflection on their presentation/project

Discuss their reflection with peers


Students will reflect and identify with peers by communicating and collaborating with the group to help with their presentation/project.

Students will develop a creative digital project using digital tools of their choice. Discussion and peer observation



Questions for Formulating Significant Learning Goals

“A year (or more) after this course is over, I want and hope that students will want to learn and have fun while doing. I want them to realize that if they fail use that as a step to success.”

My Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG) for the course is: Students will successfully plan, implement, and create a digital presentation.

Foundational Knowledge 

  • What key information (e.g., facts, terms, formulae, concepts, principles, relationships, etc.) is/are important for students to understand and remember in the future?
  • Students will need to understand and remember the reading and language arts standards that they have learned in this grade as well as previous grades. Students will also need to understand how to collaborate with each other to accomplish a goal. It is also important that students create an organized plan to help guide them throughout the project.
  • What key ideas (or perspectives) are important for students to understand in this course?
  • Reading is fundamental and can be applied to real world scenarios in meaningful ways.
  • A team can accomplish tasks that would be impossible for an individual.

Application Goals

  • What kinds of thinking are important for students to learn?
  • Critical thinking, in which students study and assess
  • Creative thinking, in which students visualize and create
  • Practical thinking, in which students solve problems and make decisions
  • Students will need to utilize critical thinking, creative thinking, and practical thinking in order to successfully meet the objective.

What important skills do students need to gain?

  • Teamwork, communication and listening skills, conflict resolution, computer and network skills, and public speaking skills.



  • Do students need to learn how to manage complex projects?
  • Students need to learn how to manage complex projects. With the project having complex parts it is a must that students learn how to handle issues as they arise and learn from mistakes. It is vital that students learn how to work together.

Integration Goals

  • What connections (similarities and interactions) should students recognize and make?
  • Students are expected to make connections within the content area in several ways. Students will also make connections between communication and reading when creating their presentations.
  • Among material in this course and the students’ own personal, social, and/or work life?

– This will align with personal goals as students will be able to choose the literature they want to retell and present. Students will also work together to choose to work on aspects of the project that they most interested in. Students will get a sense of purpose from the completion of this project.

Human Dimensions Goals

  • What could or should students learn about themselves?
  • Students will learn they have a voice. Students will learn to summarize (reenact) in their own way via digital media.
  • What could or should students learn about understanding others and/or interacting with them?
  • Students should learn that interacting with others can many times be a give and take situation. We all have something to bring to the table, so we shouldn’t expect one person to do everything.

Caring Goals

  • What changes/values do you hope students will adopt?
  • I hope that my students will learn to be more creative and take their time to plan and implement instead of rushing to complete the project. To take time and pride in their work.


“Learning-How-to-Learn” Goals

  • What would you like for students to learn about:
  • My students need to learn that things only happen when we set them in drive and go.
  • I want students to learn from their peers as they build relationships and share ideas on the project. I also want students to utilize books and websites to learn information as well.
  • Students will be expected to create an organized plan to help them become self learners. Students should utilize peers, mentors, and web and print resources to meet learning goals.



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