Summarizing Creating Significant Learning Environment

When improving student learning I feel digital tools are the best to use.  But even with these tools we have to focus on what expressive learning is and how to adopt that in our classrooms. When learning becomes the center of our focus everything else will fall into place. The five weeks in this class I have been able to study meaningful learning and essential motivations to help develop my learning environment.

In my first week, I studied what made for the most significant learning environments. I learned that learning happens naturally in different situations all the time. During  the second week I researched authentic learning and created a learning philosophy. The third week focused  more on the aligning outcomes assessments, and activities that I want my learners to achieve over a year. After aligning goals, assessments and learning objectives in the fourth week I created a learning plan. In the fifth and final week I devoted my studies to Carol Dweck and her research on growth and fixed mindsets.

These past five weeks have given me a chance to reflect on how to create a significant learning environment for my students. Students want to be challenged and successful. Most importantly I have had a chance to reflect on the fact that not only students but even teachers want to learn. Students need to come first when planning learning environments. Teachers need to take the time to learn their students so they can create best learning environment possible.

As I use my innovative learning plan to guide student learning, and sharing my plan with others, I will center my focus on my students and how they learning.  When we get to know our students, we can figure out what digital tools are needed to enhance learning. Out students should always be our focus, and we should provide them with natural learning opportunities.



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