Blended Learning in a Nutshell!!!

Welcome as I go through the stages of designing my online course. I feel a good strategy is essential to use a combination of learning theories in order to better personalize the learning experience for the students. My course, Blended Learning in A Nutshell, is going to be developed with this combination in part so that learners could engage with the content and each other while participating in authentic tasks that were meaningful to them.

Below you will catch a glimpse of my class. I am really excited about this adventure and I would hope that you would take this ride with me. capture

I have referenced my  Understanding by Design’s (UbD) Backward Design  (see the original blog post UbD) that outlines the desired results, assessment evidence, and learning plan.

I have also referenced my Learning Outcomes 3-Column Table (see the original blog post Table) that outlines the learning goals, learning activities, and assessment activities for the year. But as I recently decided I will gear my course to educators so see my new table here.

Learning Goals Learning Activities Assessment Activities

Learners will identify the key characteristics of a significant learning environment.


Learners will explore and evaluate the various blended learning models.

Online visuals and reading about significant learning environments and blended learning models. Reflect on their current classroom and what changes they want to see Formative feedback on class discussions

Learners will apply their knowledge of blended learning to design a lesson or unit for their class that will include blended learning experiences.



Create a lesson plan that incorporates blended learning Lesson or unit plan

Learners will explain how their lesson or unit improved by using blended learning.

Use a blended learning model to teach the course and hold discussions with classmates in an online forum


Formative feedback on class discussions
Human Dimensions:

Learners will observe the benefits of a blended learning classroom.

Discussions with classmates in an online forum



Implementation of blended learning lessons in their classroom

Learners will amend lesson plans to include blended learning opportunities.

Lesson planning session to facilitate the implementation of blended learning Lesson plans and videos or blog posts about blended learning in their classroom





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