Be The Change: Renovating Professional Development

As educators we all know that we need professional development that is effective and lends the right amount of support to educators. Do we actually get this?  WHY is effective professional development is so important? Effective professional development is essential to teacher effectiveness which will produce successful students. So how do teachers feel about professional development?

We all know that the traditional approach of professional development usually is the “sit & get” model. In my opinion this model is ineffective at helping teachers reach their full potential and actually improve their pedagogy. Reading the required readings this week in class it is obvious that we should adopt the new “go & show” model of effective professional learning.

This week’s assignment we were asked to convince our administration and colleagues that this is what our organization needs to do.  So take a look at the presentation below. It provides facts from the research and further explains how we can be the change, break the cycle and transform our professional learning.


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