Professional Learning Plan Outline for Transforming Professional Development

Professional learning for teachers must evolve in order to make the biggest impact and create significant learning environments suitable for today’s learners. Now that you’ve had a chance to view my presentation and see how we can transform professional learning using the 5 Key Principles of Effective Professional Development, it’s time to plan out how professional learning (PL) should look like here in the organization. The instructional design of Professional Learning (PL) using Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG) and the 3 Column Table is in progress; below is an explanation and outline of what our alternative professional learning will do and contain.

PL components: (5 Principles)


  • Multiple sessions offered throughout the year
  • More time spent on specific concepts and skills

Ongoing support

  • Staff coaching
  • Peer coaching/collaboration
  • Discussions – face-to-face and/or virtual discussions collaboratively with each other, meeting weekly to discuss challenges and solutions

Active learning environments

  • Onsite workshops – hands on, demonstration of implementation scenarios
  • Record different lesson have them available
  • Self-reflection


  • Video demonstrations
  • Faculty allowed to observe and interact with other faculty implementation and practices
  • Peer /student feedback


  • Increase content knowledge and attentiveness of constructivist learning and blended learning models
  • Develop supplemental resources to curriculums

Who will lead what components?

  • My colleagues and I will lead the PL effort
  • Transform our traditional workshops
  • Early adopters/lead faculty head up small groups throughout departments and campus

Audience and their needs?

  • My colleagues and administration
  • Understanding of 5 Principles of Effective PD framework
  • Demonstration of the effective PL model using the 5 principles
  • Faculty
  • Training and ongoing support
  • Effective PL designed for their specific needs
  • Learning modules/sessions


  • Gulamhussaein’s 5 Principles of Effective Professional Development
  • My 5 Principles presentation
  • Fink’s Self-directed guide to Designing Courses for Significant learning including design phase worksheets
  • Survey for feedback


Gulamhussein, Allison. “Teaching the Teachers: Effective Professional Development in an Era of High Stakes Accountability.” Center for Public Education. Center for Public Education, Sept. 2013.


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