Hello and welcome to my EPortfolio! This is truly a brand new beginning for me in the world of technology. I hope that this site will be an effective manuscript that will display my academic, professional and personal development.

I have my undergraduate degree from Lamar University in Applied Arts and Sciences. I am also currently working toward my Master of Education degree from Lamar University in Digital Learning and Leading. I currently work as a registrar for a local school district and in my spare time I am a director/coach for a competition dance team.

At home I live with my fiancé and, 2 dogs. Kids are hopefully one day in our future but if not the dogs will do.

In addition to my busy life and family, I have also had a passion for technology and teaching. So after 16yrs of being a registrar/assistant (wherever I’m needed) I decided to pursue a teaching certification and my masters in hope of becoming a technology teacher.  I have always been passionate about technology and willing to learn new things and this I hope one day will allow me to be the positive influence for my students. I believe that technology is one of the greatest tools that will engage and enhance students today in the classroom. One day I will be the teacher that will help them understand how and when to use it effectively so it can prepare them for their futures.